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City of Peterborough Academy

English- Key Stage 4

GCSE English - Key Stage 4

What will students do in this subject?

The pupils will be studying AQA GCSE English Language and AQA GCSE English Literature as two separate GCSE courses.

The specification allows pupils the opportunity to explore a wide range of texts, genres and authors including modern prose, modern poetry, Shakespeare, and poetry and literature from the 19th century.

GCSE English Language allows pupils to demonstrate their understanding in real life contexts as well as encouraging pupils to use an analytical approach to language.

What is the difference between English Language and English Literature?

GCSE English Language will incorporate:

- A modern fiction text that the pupils will be questioned on testing their reading skills;
- Descriptive or narrative writing; A nonfiction text and a literary nonfiction text that the pupils will be questioned on which will test their reading skills;
- Writing to present a particular viewpoint
- Pupils will also have a separately endorsed speaking and listening test.

GCSE English Literature will incorporate:

- A Shakespeare play
- A 19th century novel
- A modern prose or drama text
- A selection of poems focussed on a particular theme
- Unseen poetry

Any other relevant information?

The courses should encourage pupils to develop knowledge and skills in reading, writing and critical thinking. The two principal aims of the subject are:

- To develop your confidence and skills to enable you to express yourself clearly and concisely in a variety of forms for any given audience.
- To provide you with the means to discuss, explore and respond to a range of texts.

What might the subject lead into?

English lends itself to further studies in any subject or career choice.

The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing is valued everywhere. 

In particular, jobs in the media, teaching, advertising, law, local and national government, marketing and public relations all value this subject as one that develops the skills needed to be successful.