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City of Peterborough Academy

PE- Key Stage 4

OCR CNAT in Sport Studies - Key Stage 4

What will students do in this subject?

Sports Studies gives you the opportunity to learn about the concepts behind sport. It helps you to unpick the theory side of Physical Education as well as demonstrate your own practical abilities.  

Learners have the opportunity to apply their skills and theoretical knowledge about physical activity to their own practical performance. They will learn about contemporary issues in sport such as funding, participation, ethics and role models, and sport and the media. Learners will develop an appreciation of the importance of sport locally and nationally, including participation and how this shapes the sports industry. 

Course content

Skills that you will develop:  

- Confidence and independence to create material which reflects thoughtful planning, skills development and evaluation.

- Skills in a variety of sporting and social contexts.

- Advanced sports skills in team and individual sports, and as an official.

- Leadership values such as autonomy, confidence and empowerment.

What is involved?

- Practical Sports Performance ­ develop your skills both as a performer in two different sporting activities, and as a leader and a coach.

- Outdoor and Adventurous Activities ­ learn how to enjoy the activities safely by finding out what equipment, clothing, facilities and technology you need, as well as completing planning to help keep you safe.

- Contemporary issues in Sport ­ explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, relating to participation levels and barriers, the promotion of values and ethical behaviour through sport and the role of high­profile sporting events

What might the subject lead into?

Sports coaching, nursing, armed forces, fitness training, sports therapy, teaching, journalism, sports development, fire brigade, police force and a wide variety of other opportunities within the sport and leisure industry.