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City of Peterborough Academy

Sociology- Key Stage 4

GCSE Sociology - Key Stage 4

What will students do in this subject?

Sociology is the study of the development, structure and functioning of human society. In this course you will tackle topics such as; 

- Family
- Crime and deviance
- Education
- Social stratification
- Methods of sociological research
- Social issues 

We will tackle difficult topics and work to debate the various sociological theories that accompany these topics. Through the understanding of these various topics, we will develop our understanding of society over time and gain an insight into different methods of Sociological research as well as learning different case studies of research undertaken from past to present.  

The course is assessed through two formal examinations that both last an hour and forty­five minutes each. 

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for any students that are keen on having a clearer and wider understanding of the society we live in an why our social structures are the way they are. The study of Sociology encourages a better world view, an understanding of different viewpoints and a sense of open­mindedness. It also explores reasons for societal change and how it has impacted our lives both in the past and present.  

This course will have essay writing elements to it so will require a good level of English as well as a developed ability to write at length. It will require students to be self – motivated and driven completing revision regularly at home and in their own time.  

The study of Sociology at GCSE is a great foundation step for students that wish to study this at A level.

What might the subject lead into?

Students that study Sociology often continue to study the subject at A level or up to degree level.  

The specialised skills you gain during your study will be invaluable if you want a career that focuses on people, particularly around education or welfare. You could find employment in both the private and public sectors, in local or national government, NGOs, youth or social work, criminal justice, probation, charity, law, research or teaching. Many students that study Sociology to degree level will go into jobs in marketing, communication, PR, or journalism.